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For nearly 100 years Hastings Manufacturing Company based in Hastings, Michigan USA, has been serving the internal combustion industry with the design and manufacture of high-quality piston rings that improve combustion efficiency and reduce oil consumption. Recognized as a premier supplier to the engine industry, Hastings has earned its reputation as a leader in piston ring technology.

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pistonRingsThe Flex-Vent expander oil ring is energized by two steel rails, which receive uniform pressure from the expander to assure positive oil control. The three-piece design allows rails to be manufactured with a small cross-sectional area for better conformability to the bores of today’s low-tension, low-friction engines. The rails thin wall contact also allows for quick break-in time.

Hastings rails are normally chrome plated to resist wear and extend engine life.

Flex-Vent® rails are made of tough, wear resistant steel. The expanders are made of stainless steel.

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