Founded in 1971, UFI is a global leader in filtration technology. UFI cover’s 10 sectors of application including automotive (LV/HD), industry, hydraulics, up to special applications. In the OE market, UFI is the leader in filtration. UFI is in 16 countries around the world with 16 production plants and over 4,000 employees. You can find large brands in F1 like Ferrari and other leading teams to the European space vehicle ExoMars using UFI Filters. 120 specialised technicians in research and innovation Centres around the world. UFI has 167 international patents and investest 5% of proceeds in research and development. UIF has 6 lines of filters supplied: air, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulic and coolant, as well as thermal management system. The IAM offer, with over 2800 references, covers more than 96% of the European car fleet each family. Double digit sales growth rates (CAGR) for 2009 to 2017. A wide range of hydraulic filter with 3,885 individual components.

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